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Take charge of your dog’s potty breaks!

Potty train your puppy or perfect your dog's potty habits with iPottyTrain.

iPottyTrain tracks a dog's daily intake and elimination routine.

Use iPottyTrain to housebreak your puppy or to schedule potty breaks for your housebroken dog.

By understanding the relationship between dog’s food and water intake and his/her potty breaks, you can successfully schedule your dog’s potty breaks.

When you take your dog out, tell him/her to "go potty" and treat him/her when he/she does. Your dog learns that going potty outside (or on a wee wee pad) is a good thing.

Go to SETTINGS.  Choose a break interval from 1 to 8 hours.  Enable or disable SOUND and ALARM settings.

REPEAT ALARM "on" repeats the "dog whimpering" ALARM every 5 minutes.  SOUND "off" mutes button clicks but not ALARM.

Go to MAIN. Push START to begin each day. The ACTIVITIES screen will pop up.

The ACTIVITIES screen will also pop up at every break (you must be on MAIN to see the ACTIVITIES screen.)  Enter your dog’s activities and press SAVE which will start the next interval timer. Saved ACTIVITIES will appear in the LOG.

Push ACTIVITIES to manually enter potty errors made between breaks.

Push STOP to finish the day.

Press EDIT to delete LOG entries or add LOG comments. To delete a LOG entry press minus (-) followed by DELETE. 

To add a LOG comment, press plus (+). Press DONE to exit EDIT.  Touch a LOG entry to add comments or to view long comments.

To clear all LOG entries press RESET.  Up to 250 entries can be stored in the LOG.  When there are more than 250 entries, the oldest entries will be automatically deleted.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Due to current iPhone/iTouch system software limitations, you must re-open iPottyTrain after using other applications to hear "dog whimpering" alarms.

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