iWalkDog makes walking your dog more fun!

The object of the iWalkDog game is to score the most points by observing your surroundings and getting your dog to do “stuff.”

Earn points while you walk your dog for the objects you see and for your dog accomplishes.  Compete with previous scores. 

You'll inspired to continue walking until you earn pee and poo points.

Before playing iWalkDog, please read the following instructions.

STEP 1: Go to MENU
Enter and select players and sound setting. To select or deselect a player touch his/her name. To add, delete or modify a player press EDIT. To add a player, press plus (+). To delete a player press minus (-) followed by DELETE. To modify a player touch his/her name. When finished, press DONE.

STEP 2: Go to MAIN
Touch PLAY to begin a game or to restart after a PAUSE. You can play with or without selecting players. During play, a set of tasks (each worth 1 point) appears on screen. Touch and release each icon as you see or accomplish a task - 1 point will be added to your score and the icon will rotate to the next task.

To SKIP a task, swipe across the icon - the next task appears and no point is added to your score. Tasks can be skipped during PLAY or PAUSE. Touch PAUSE to prevent false-scoring when skipping a task.

Touch PAUSE to suspend the game and timer. Press PLAY to resume. Tasks can be skipped but cannot be scored during a PAUSE.

Push STOP to end the game.

Touch UNDO to undo a skipped task or undo an entered task. When the UNDO is grayed out, UNDO is not possible.

SCORES are listed from highest to lowest. Use EDIT to remove scores by pressing minus (-) followed by DELETE. To remove all scores, press RESET. Up to 50 scores can be stored - the lowest score will be automatically discarded when the list contains more than 50 entries.

©2009 Darf, Incorporated.